Haverhill High School - STREAM Classroom Award

In 2009, Elaine Mistretta of Haverhill High School applied for and won a STREAM Classroom Award, which consisted of 10 Cricket cars and practice tables with maze-like challenges for the cars. Elaine has had an afterschool robotics club for the past 3 years, which is based on the Botball curriculum. She applied for the award so she could run a robotics class as an introduction to Computer Science for students.

Having already generated interest among students with her robotics club, Elaine ran a Robotics I course during the Spring 2010 semester, with funding from Haverhill High School and the materials from her STREAM Classroom Award. The cars and tables were used as part of the class's curriculum, along with studying computer science concepts and programming in the 3D animation environment ALICE. Students learned the commands and functions of Cricket LOGO, then put them into practice by using the Cricket cars to conquer the four maze challenges.

Elaine writes, "Thanks for everything – we are having a really good year. The new robotics students are able to do so much: programming, debugging, collaborating, testing and retesting, and having fun doing it."

For more information on this course, see the following documents created by Elaine:

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