Littleton Middle School - STREAM Classroom Award

Joseph Flournoy of Little Middle School applied for and won a STREAM Classroom Award in 2009. His award included 10 Lego Mindstorm kits, software, and 6 Lego Mindstorm books. Joseph teaches math at the 6th grade level and used the Lego Mindstorms materials to introduce concepts of robotics, mathematics, engineering, and computer programming. The materials were also used to work on social skills, team work, delegation, and lessons of problem solving.

The kits were used during class time and occasionally after school reaching approximately 130 students during the 2009-2010 school year alone, with about 145 more planned for 2010-2011. Students came from a variety of backgrounds in relation to robotics; some had never used Lego Mindstorms at all while others had their own kits at home. Groups consisted of builders and programmers, with different objectives and milestones for each. Objectives included building a robotic arm and programming the robots to react to sound.

Joe writes, "I can't begin to thank you on my behalf and on behalf of the hundreds of students who've been able to have this experience. Truly, a great number of robotics sparks were struck with this program."

For more information on this course, see the following documents created by Joseph:

Winners of the 2009 STREAM Classroom Awards with representatives from UMass Lowell and iRobot

(from left to right) Holly Yanco, Joseph Flournoy, Kristen Stubbs, and Elaine Mistretta

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